The Pier Genius Modular Marina

Have marina maintenance costs given you the blues? Is your marina looking a little ‘washed out’?

Pier Genius can help! We understand what it’s like to run a marina, because the foundation of our company is built upon marina ownership.  That’s why we developed the Pier Genius Modular Marina Master Plan – a comprehensive document that charts your marina maintenance costs, section by section.

For an innovative and cost-effective approach to managing your dock system, let Pier Genius create your very own Marina Master Plan.

We can help break down your renovation costs in two different ways:

Vertically – We can convert your slip map into a modular marina layout.

Horizontally – We can break out the frames, the floats, and the deck separately.

On your Pier Genius Modular Marina Master Plan you will find a detailed cost breakdown for the following:

  • Decking with Pier Genius innovative modular deck panels
  • Framing with Pier Genius patent-pending Anti-Sway™ frames
  • Flotation with the best floats in the business

You can choose only the upgrades that fit your requirements, whether budgetary, scheduling, or other constraints. No other company offers such a comprehensive approach to renovations. Request your plan today!