Project Showcase

Madeline Island Yacht Club – LaPoint, WI


The dock at Madeline Island Yacht Club in Lake Superior had taken a beating over time, and as a result of water and weather, the frame had become warped. Pier Genius was on-hand before, during, and after to plan and execute the renovation of  the dock at this club, which is situated amidst the scenic splendor of the Apostle Islands. The new dock is level, straight, and true, as can be seen in the photo above.

Pleasant Hill Community Association – aJamestown, Kentucky


Back in 2013, an underwater dive inspection by Don Hunter and his team at DCH Marine revealed that a major section of the 20-year-old marina dock at Pleasant Hill community in Jamestown, KY was failing — in many places almost beyond repair.  The replacement system was engineered and designed by Pier Genius, and features our very own patent-pending ‘Anti-Sway’ tube frame, Ace brand floats, and concrete tile decking.  We designed the roof and dock frame to withstand 105 MPH wind speeds, and the snow live load rating on this dock is double the minimum requirements.


DCH Marine installed the marina dock in January 2014, and not a moment too soon, as a rare and extremely moisture-rich weather pattern moved in and dumped almost 15 inches of snow plus 3 inches of rain on top of the new dock!  Roofs around the Lake Cumberland area were collapsing during this rare and extreme event.  Both sections of the Pleasant Hill system survived intact until 2016, when another even more extreme snow event caused more damage than the previous storm.  Through it all, the Pier Genius part of the system stood undamaged, even though the sections from the old system attached to it bowed under pressure.


After the 2016 storm, a local inspector audited the facility.  To complete his report, he needed a Professional Engineering stamp of approval for the structure.  An independent engineering firm reviewed the structure and approved the engineering that Pier Genius did with no changes needed.  Some key elements of the approval were our use of certified North American steel vs Asian steel (Asian steel is cheaper and has less iron in it), use of 11 gauge supports and 14 gauge Z purlins, and the exclusive Pier Genius tube frame system, which allows less flex and creates a much stronger structure.


Pier Genius wants to thank DCH Marine and the Pleasant Hill HOA for the opportunity to engineer excellence on their behalf!