Kayak Docks


What makes the Pier Genius kayak launch pad the best option?

Stability – Uses patent-pending frames with Anti-Sway technology.
Flexible Design – Is expandable for larger watercraft.
Durable – Is made from the same commercial grade materials that are used in public water trails and marinas.
Exceptional Flotation – Supports over 3000 lbs of live load and maintains a 12” flotation.
Hassle-Free – Is easy to assemble and disassemble OR can be left in the water year-round.
Easy To Anchor – No special anchoring required. Just float it into place and attach it to a fixed pier or use the built-in pockets to mount it on 1.5” pipes anchored into the seabed.
Superior Buoyancy – Commercial grade floats are foam filled (not air like other systems). Even if one is punctured, it retains 80% of its buoyancy.