Pier Genius Makes a Big Move in the Southeast Region

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SHOCO Marine of North Carolina recently inked a deal to add Pier Genius boat docks to their product lineup.

On May 20, 2015, SHOCO Marine and Pier Genius officially launched their new partnership. SHOCO hosted ten dock dealers from five states at their headquarters in Shelby, NC, and  Pier Genius brought in their seasoned dock team to train the local crews. All ten of the new dealers provided positive feedback regarding Pier Genius’ technical specifications.

The SHOCO team was especially amazed at how level and steady the Pier Genius demo dock was. Not only was the dock amazingly stable, it was easily installed and disassembled all in the same day!


Testing the water at the 2015 Pier Genius/SHOCO Marine dealer meeting

The Pier Genius boat dock is an exceptional resource for dock builders. It is a solid product and a snap to install. Most importantly, Pier Genius offers prompt and friendly field support to its dealers. Even custom docks can be produced and delivered in less than a month in the busy season, when demand is at a fever pitch.

Dale Short, president of SHOCO Marine, is “really excited about the potential of the Pier Genius dock and how it performs in the water. Pier Genius is an excellent product that opens up a whole new segment of the dock business that we’ve been unable to serve until now. Pier Genius has already exceeded our expectations.”

Jesse King, owner of Pier Genius, said, “SHOCO Marine was a good fit for us. I like how they do business and I’m excited to partner with them.”

About SHOCO Marine

SHOCO Marine was founded in 1957 as a marine distributor of boats and RVs in the Carolinas. Today they are a leading distributor in the US of boat trailers, boat docks, boat/PWC hoists and lifts, pedal boats, kayaks, canoes, small boats and water toys; and one of the most respected manufacturer‘s representative firms in the marine industry.

About Pier Genius

Pier Genius Inc. is a dock manufacturer headquartered in Woden, Iowa. The company produces quality, engineered dock solutions with over 5 patented or patent pending features unique to the floating dock industry.  Pier Genius docks are available in North America with installations in every US state including Alaska, as well as Canada.

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