New product – – PG Vinyl Roof System

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Were always looking for new products to bring to market that solve problems and are unique and innovative. While these look like the run of the mill canopies you see around any lake in the US, a closer look at the details shows some really unique features. Start with the size, these are 12′ wide by 24′ long which compared to a conventional 9’x20′ boat lift top these provides exceptional protection for the boat. Also there is a 2′ deep sides to again, provide complete protection for your boat. Even the scallops on the side are unique to pier genius design allowing for less flapping in the wind compared to the normal “wave” pattern on the side of most canopies. On top of all that you would expect these roofs to cost a fortune and actually they are almost 15% cheaper per sq-ft then any other canopies on the market making them a extremely good value. High quality, high value Pier Genius strikes again!

Roof Canopies

Roof Canopies_1

Roof Canopies_2

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