How much technology can a steel dock frame have in it?

anti sway

  • When you walk on a floating dock, your legs and feet transmit a force equal to your body weight on each side of the dock as you walk. This motion is called “sway”.
  • The dock will bend and twist to compensate for the forces being imposed upon it.
  • There are a lot of factors that go into how much “sway” a dock has: strength and elasticity of the material, structural design, and shape of the materials, to name a few.
  • Pier Genius only has 1.5 inches of side-to-side sway at 24 feet from shore, which is more than a 70% improvement over our nearest steel competitor and over 150+% improvement compared to aluminum dock systems!
  • The Pier Genius frame is Patent Pending.





How much technology can the decking of a dock have in it?



  • Wood is NOT the best technology in a deck surface. This includes composites, which typically have 55+% wood flour mixed in them (trex, etc). Our deck panel is 100% nylon based with ZERO wood filler.
  • Our 1″ profile deck board that spans 24″ reduces frame costs significantly. It is the only 1″ profile that can span that on the market.
  • Our decking is panelized into 4×4, 2×4, 4×6, and 2×6 panels.
  • Deck panels can be shipped damage-free. The customer simply sets the panels on the frame and fastens them on site.
  • In commercial applications, our panels allow utilities to be run while the decking  is off, which is MUCH easier.
  • The Patented embossing process on our decking surface gives a genuine wood look and feel with slight discoloration to blend into more natural environments.
  • Our exclusive extruded aluminum edge allows the use of standard industry fasteners for mounting almost anything.

That’s Pier Genius!